Hi, I’m Alexandra! I’m an actor, theatre-maker and writer based in Somerset, England, and I am passionate about championing the Arts in the South West.

13ED587C-F176-4A1D-BF00-4FC19D0DAC91I have a BA (Hons) in English Literature and a Masters in Acting from Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, and since completing my actor training and moving back to my home county, I’ve realised what comparatively few reviewing resources there are outside of London. I want to change that and I want to use Confessions Of A Five Ft Two Actress as a platform to enable this change.

If you are a theatre company or creative based in the South West, South Wales or the West Midlands, I want to hear from you! If you aren’t based in these regions but are touring a show to these areas, I want to hear from you too! For more details, visit my contact page.

What’s in the name?

Confession – I’m short. I am, you guessed it, five foot two inches. It’s not the worse thing to be in this world but it has it’s inconveniences – supermarket shelves being one of them. I’ve been teased about it, been physically intimidated because of it, and been exempt from certain castings as a result. Apparently five foot four is the minimum they’ll let your average Disney princess be.

Photo 13-07-2019, 19 28 54
Alexandra Ricou – professional short-arse

But, I’m proud of it in my own way. I come from a family of short-arses, and while it’s resulted in a few cases of short-man-syndrome, it’s something that defines many of my family. Still, a good platform shoe is always handy when trying not to be swamped in a crowd.