S#*! Talk

It is always a joy to see a female friendship played out on screen. In a world where female voices are often silenced, stifled or compromised for the sake of male driven plots, it is refreshing to see these relationships given the attention and levity they deserve – and S#*! Talk certainly delivers on all these fronts.

This new web series created by Savannah Betts and led by a female creative team examines the lives of friends, Savannah and Ray, as they navigate the baffling and often hilarious shenanigans of their twenties. These bite sized snapshots into these two women’s lives are a delight to watch, with beautiful direction and photography from Raquel Grela and Aphra Evans – this is a series that visually pops and brings an added brightness to the zany humour of the script.

Anna Rømcke Høiseth and Savannah Betts’ chemistry as Ray and Savannah is what truly drives this show and it is a credit to their comedic skills that they are able to land these carefully crafted gags with such flare in a short space of time. Indeed, while these brief episodes only allow us a glimpse into the lives of these two women, the world they present feels fully realised and fleshed out; we can believe that the action goes on beyond the snapshots we are allowed to see, and while there is a sketch-like element to this narrative’s format, the through lines within the writing allows for a sense of real life continuity.

While elements of the editing could be streamlined to hone the speedy delivery of this style of comedy, this is a charmingly conceived web series that holds women and all their flaws and strengths and humour firmly at its core. If you’re in need of a light-hearted binge that’s relatable and giggle-worthy, S#*! Talk should certainly be on your radar.

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